What makes beauty, beauty?

Photo by Keir Harriss from Lívia Dumont editorial

I am really surprised that, to many people, beauty images seem a result of good retouch. I was sure that the search for the “philosopher’s stone” of photoshop was left behind in 2009. Well, I cannot deny that some images have been heavily modified. But it is rather an exception to the rule. In most of the cases, the great images are great even without retouching. Sorry for such disappointment)))

It sounds weird to me that I am writing about such an obvious thing. But great skin starts from the right casting. Pre-production rules 😉

I believe the best images were created even before photographers got a camera in their hands.

Because an amazing image is always the whole IMAGE. A total package of concept, style, composition, light, etc., and how we perceive it all together.

Some images have nothing in them, no matter how technically correct they are. So, what’s the point of cool retouching, if the stylist’s choice didn’t fit into a concept or make-up failed? I think nobody needs the perfect retouch separately from the whole picture. Because the purpose is holistic, completed image not retouching itself.

Please, don’t fall into illusion whenever you see great beauty. It’s always about a great teamwork.


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