Challenges of retouching projects

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I was thinking today that sometimes we all have to work on the client’s projects which do not fit into our vision of what we perceive as beautiful. I am absolutely sure that a good retouch should perfectly match the client’s vision, even if we don’t like it. Though I always cut off this “like-dislike” for myself, because it is a very limited approach. Maybe such type of project is challenging, but we can grow by working on them. They push us out of our comfort zone, expand our thinking and help us to see the task from a different perspective.

Besides, I am always confident in my clients that they know what they are doing and why. Moreover, there are always more people on the client side, which means more opinions. Of course, they consider my opinion as a retoucher too, but it’s a fact that I physically can’t know all details which are available for the team on the set.

Frankly speaking, once in a while I open the images and think something like “why so?” or “it could be done differently”. But when I examine the brief carefully or edit the first draft and when I go deep into the process, then it changes to “oh wow, I got it”. I think, I developed my taste thanks to such difficult projects, which I really didn’t understand at first.

I strongly believe that other professionals faced the same. I don’t think we can avoid it in the future, because the world is super-fast and there is always something new no matter how great we are, but every challenge like this is our secret superpower.

It expands our creative vision and we become capable of implementing more and more complex projects.

We can’t grow as professionals by doing only what we are interested in. As long as we do only what we like, we remain amateurs as it holds us back in our comfort zone.

We can truly be considered a pro only when we gain the ability to solve the most diverse and most difficult assignments by creating the client’s vision.

Implementation of our own concept does not require the same efforts as the implementation of someone else’s concept within the constraints. It’s very different.

On the one hand, it seems that the client restricts us very abruptly with their brief and we cannot deviate from it. But on the other hand, creating the maximum result within a given direction is exactly the essence of professionalism.

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